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New domain:

I recently decided that the time has come for me to register my personal domain and start moving my online presence onto a more self-hosted platform. I’m going to share some of the process, and my plans for the future.

Math support with KaTeX on Github Pages

As I advance in my graduate studies, I’m reading more and more material covering heavy maths. I want to write and share some of my thoughts that would require the use of complex formulas, and needed a solution for embedding them in my posts. After looking for solutions, I settled on $\KaTeX$ because it was the most lightweight solution and runs faster than others.

VHDL development on Mac

I took a course this semester on FPGA development using VHDL, where the ongoing project is to build a MIPS CPU from scratch. I primarily use Mac at home, so I set out the weekend before the semester started to find tools that would run on Mac. I’ll also include at the end some generic VHDL resources.