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Math support with KaTeX on Github Pages

As I advance in my graduate studies, I’m reading more and more material covering heavy maths. I want to write and share some of my thoughts that would require the use of complex formulas, and needed a solution for embedding them in my posts. After looking for solutions, I settled on $\KaTeX$ because it was the most lightweight solution and runs faster than others.

VHDL development on Mac

I took a course this semester on FPGA development using VHDL, where the ongoing project is to build a MIPS CPU from scratch. I primarily use Mac at home, so I set out the weekend before the semester started to find tools that would run on Mac. I’ll also include at the end some generic VHDL resources.

Two way git mirroring

At work, we have a server with bad/dying hardware. It happens to be our primary origin for our git repos as well, which become corrupted once a week or two now. We’ve set up a new server running Gitlab that we want to migrate over to, but we can’t tolerate any service disruptions. Partly because we have a lot of servers that are potentially used to push changes, and we don’t want to forget about an old EC2 instance. But mostly because some people will read the email saying “don’t push to the old server, your data WILL be lost” a week after you’ve sent it.