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I’m checking homework again in the Intro2CS course at my college. The professor introduced an interesting abstraction of a computer last year called Vic. Anyways, last year we didn’t have any tools to write unit tests for Vic, and checking them was highly dependent upon the server where Vic runs. Last year, after the course had ended, I wrote a testing framework for Vic, but never released it. It has many bugs, and needs a lot of work. But it is close to being ready, and I figured an announcement was in order.

This year, since the students were submitting both Vic and Java sources, I decided to expand/use the framework to be usable from within JUnit tests. This was mostly successful, but a small bug in the assembler left my version unable to compile some students source.

UPDATE: I’ve uploaded the framework source to GitHub, where it is available under GPL. I’ll try to upgrade the system and fix the bugs when I get the chance, but I’m a bit swamped at the moment.